What follows are JLDC’s main programs and projects.  This list includes projects that meet the current needs in the county, long-term projects as well as activities that address the educational mission of MSU Extension, our staffing partner. 

The board sets priorities each year at its annual retreat in April though it is common to adopt new projects based on needs or opportunities that arise throughout the year.

•    Create, Attract, Retain and Expand Businesses
    ◦    General economic development support activities
    ◦    Mine-community relations
    ◦    Sunlight Business Park
    ◦    Boulder South Campus redevelopment
    ◦    Montana Developmental Center Repurposing Plans
    ◦    Boulder Development Fund Board Oversight
    ◦    I-15 Interchange Development Planning Oversight

•    Community Development
    ◦    Redevelopment of the Historic Borden’s Hotel in Whitehall
    ◦    Community Foundation support
    ◦    Community Transition Advisory Committee (CTAC) in Whitehall
    ◦    Boulder Transition Advisory Committee (BTAC) in Boulder
    ◦    Boulder Valley Chamber of Commerce member
    ◦    Whitehall Chamber of Commerce member

•    Sustain JLDC as a Professional Economic Development Organization

•    JLDC Financial Management
    ◦    Manage the former South Campus of the Montana Developmental Center property
    ◦    Ensure Financial Sustainability of JLDC