Boulder South Campus

This five building area was once the “South Campus” of the Montana Developmental Center (MDC), housing people with developmental disabilities for the state of Montana.  MDC constructed a new facility north of the adjacent Boulder River and vacated this campus in the late 1970s.  Jefferson County took the buildings over in 2000 when the state divested them.  Jefferson Local Development Corporation has a lease-option on the campus since 2001 and plans to redevelop these buildings for reuse.

In 2001, two of the buildings underwent a custom rehabilitation for an at-risk youth program. Those buildings are still in use today as at-risk group homes operated by Youth Dynamics Incorporated. YDI employs approximately 35 people in Boulder with a budget of $2.0 million.

The remaining three buildings are available for redevelopment.

  • Building 5: 10,782 square feet on two floors.
  • Building 6: 24,400 square feet on one floor.
  • Building 9: 18,930 square feet on three floors.
  • Building 25: 7,109 square feet on one floor. An addition to building 9.

Buildings are served by the city of Boulder’s municipal sewer and water system. The water system was upgraded in 2001 and the waste water system in 2009.

Zoning and Regulation

The South Campus lies outside the city boundaries and so falls under the county’s regulations. Jefferson County’s Planning Department oversees land use planning, subdivision review, zoning compliance and can be reached at 406-225-4040.

Project Updates

SMA|ARCHITECTS, JLDC, and Youth Dynamics began work on a preliminary architectural report for building 6 during the summer of 2016. Additionally, a EPA Phase I & II report were conducted during the summer of 2016 on buildings 5, 6, 9, and 25.