Awarded to a business creating innovative or value-added products or services, or has an innovative business model. Includes value-added agriculture, manufacturing or technology products and many innovative programs or services, including internal programs within the company.

2020 -
KidZone Learning Center

2020kidzone500Adam Senechal, Eric Supalla, Rachel Supalla

2019 -
Montana Highland Lamb, Whitehall, MT

Montana Highland Lamb

2018 -
The Heritage Center in Boulder

Heritage Center Awards

- Utility Mapping Services, Inc.

Utility Mapping Services IBoard President Brad Culver shaking hands with Bryan Stueve with Clifford Meis and Kate Meis.

Telesystem Services

2016 Innovative Business ofInnovative Business of the Year recipient Lee Good (right) with Board Member Adam Senechal.

2015 – Barrick Golden Sunlight Mine
2014 – Bear Grass Suites
2013 – Elkhorn Pharmacy
2012 – Homestake Lodge
2011 – Montana City Grill & Elkhorn Mountain Inn
2010 – Marks Miller Post Pole
2009 – Tizer Garden
2008 – Jefferson Broadband, Inc.